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With legalized sports betting on the rise, we are starting to see game makers provide more and more different and fun ways to bet on baseball. One of the newer game types is prop betting. While prop bets have existed for quite a while now with things like the Super Bowl, where you could bet on everything from the coin flip to different things that might happen during the halftime show, we have now started to see this show up in baseball as well. Today you can bet on individual batters to hit a home run, batter hits, batter total bases, pitcher strikeouts, pitcher to record a win, and many other things.

Before you get started the thing you will want to understand is what the line means. What you can expect to see is an over/under line beside a player name. As an example, you could look at a line with the New York Yankees. You can place a bet on hits for Aaron Judge, what you will see is over 1.5 hits +180, under 1.5 hits -235. Meaning if Judge gets more than two hits 100 units will make you 180 units, if he gets less than two hits you will need to bet 235 units to make 100. We use the term units here to avoid dealing with currency, but you can typically think of one unit being the equivalent of one dollar.

If you’re going to use prop bets on baseball, I would recommend using batter hits, or pitcher strikeouts. The reason for using these two formats is they are more predictable than something like home runs, or something like runs or runs batted in. With batting average we know how often a player should get a hit based on their batting average, we can take a look at a place and how well they have played over the last week or two and then make an educated guess based on the pitching matchup, to pick the over-under on hits. The same rules typically apply to pitchers as well. We can find strikeout percentage and weigh that against how often the team they are facing is striking out, and go and hunt for lines that seem like the line is too high or too low.

One of the nicest things about doing a prop bet on hits or strikeouts is that we don’t see wild lines when you’re placing your bet. It’s rare that you see the line over or under 200, which means if you see a line that you like for a player you don’t need to weigh that against the betting line too much as you often see the lines sit between +100 and -150 both of which are very good to bet with as +100 essentially means you double your money and -150 means you will get about half of your money back on the bet, both are favorable.

We hope this helps you with any baseball prop bets you might make moving forward, and best of luck and as always don’t forget to have fun.

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